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It always feels impossible to find the perfect gift for a guy! Sunglasses are something we all love and always wear – Give his look the update it needs for Summer or festival season. Tortoiseshell styles are always on trend and are stylish for years on end, although lately, we have noticed that Carrera is incredibly popular!



You have found the perfect pair of Men’s sunglasses are a sporty brand and any guy can wear them! They’re sleek with a hint of athleisure style and fitted with a lens gradient. Carrera is involved with a number of extreme sports and has a reputation for sponsoring high-profile sports events and Formula 1 drivers!


Protect your friend’s eyes this summer with glare-free and UV protection sunglasses! A renowned brand for over 80 years in the eyewear industry, they have been loved throughout the decades. Polaroid have so many great Summer styles for festival season!

Hadid Eyewear

Designed by the sister and father of Bella and Gigi Hadid, these styles are for the high-rollers who are on-trend and want a fresh look for Summer! Most of the styles are unisex so that they can be comfortably worn by anyone! The frames are created to suit multiple different face shapes and are available in bright reflective colours and neutral subdued tones.

If you’re not sure how they’ll suit him, you can Download the app on iOS or Android and let him try on a few before you buy!

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