Have you checked out the Hadid Eyewear collection yet? You’ll only find them at SPEQS in Australia! We’re loving the reflective lens sunglasses and bold frames for this season, so on-trend!

This week I interviewed Alana Hadid, the creator of the family-named brand and older sister to models Gigi and Bella Hadid. Hadid Eyewear strives for quality and comfort while creating contemporary and alluring staple sunglasses to wear every day! The frames are fun and fashion-conscious with the perfect pair of feline cat eye frames alongside the best unisex frames.

To celebrate the launch of SPEQS and becoming the exclusive Australian stockist of Hadid Eyewear, we’re running a competition – A chance to win a pair! Your favourite bloggers have been wearing their favourite pair of Hadid sunglasses over the last two weeks and they look so good that we want to wear every pair!

Read how to enter the competition here: www.speqs.com/competition/hadid

I recently chatted with Alana Hadid about the creation of Hadid Eyewear and what it’s like running the family orientated business. Alana has always wanting to create something with her Dad, Mohammed, and sister Marielle. The goal was to make something that was universally used, unisex and something we all use every day. Eyewear seemed a perfect choice and Hadid Eyewear began!

Alana has been using our SPEQS App to try on the virtual pairs of Hadid Eyewear. She says, “It’s so fun and easy” and she loved it! It’s the easiest way to see which pair will suit you. The styles are designed to fit all face shapes and so many of the pairs are unisex, this means I can own the whole collection right?  The sunglasses are inspired by Alana’s family and each pair of Hadid Eyewear represents a family member. We’re still trying to pick which glasses are her brother or sisters!

Alana often wears the Mile High and Frequent Flyer sunglasses but has been loving her pair of Nomads lately. These three pairs are modern in their shape and are the ideal unisex frames. The Mile High sunglasses are a modernised update from the classic retro round glasses with unique removable glare protection wings. This pair is definitely a favourite in the SPEQS office for a vintage look. Nomad is a take on the Aviator shape with a strong brow bar and rounded lenses. In short, these fashionable modern updates by Hadid are definitely welcome into our Summer wardrobes.

Designing sunglasses that suit so many face shapes and remain fashionable is a difficult task. Alana spoke to us about wanting to have fun with the eyewear but also wanting to create something that was practical and wearable for so many different face shapes. The team at Hadid Eyewear are still working on developing the Hadid Eyewear frames to fit more faces and suit the unisex vibe of the brand.

Alana also left some hints on the new Hadid Eyewear collection, mentioning that there will be more fun fashion-forward frames and that they are “trying to make it a more cohesive collection” with the unisex pairs as the main focus.

We’re obsessed with Hadid Eyewear in the office, in case you couldn’t already tell! Our Instagram Stories have been filled with Hadid snaps and products.  Here are our staff’s favourite picks, or check out the collection for yourself here!