Sunglasses are something we wear all year round, but what’s a better excuse to update your look with Summer around the corner! Not only are they necessary to protect your eyes, these sunglasses will take you from a corporate setting to an afternoon with friends. We’ve compiled a list of our best men’s sunglasses for the season that will look on-trend and effortless for seasons to come!


Round glasses

Our selection of men’s round sunglasses provides the ultimate range of retro designs with a modern edge. The round frames look sophisticated and on-trend, referencing the 70’s best festival accessory and other memorable decades gone by.

Mile High Sunglasses by Hadid Eyewear have a double bridge, a trend that we saw a lot of last years is sticking around – and for a good reason! We love this versatile pair as it’s perfect for both masculine and feminine features.

The Captain Sunglasses are the perfect pair for prescription wearers! They feature clip-on shades to wear over your clear lenses and can be worn by non-prescription wearers too. The metal detailing is going to be a bit hit for festival season this year!

Retro keyhole bridges have been refreshed and updated, a style that began in the first decades of the 1900s. The style still exists today because it’s so flattering and suitable for almost every nose shape! The Nomad Sunglasses by Hadid Eyewear show us how the classic style is worn today.

Tortoiseshell Pattern

This pattern is wearable all year round. A pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses will look relaxed with a crisp short-sleeved shirt on a warm day. The detailed pattern is wearable with every single style – from a casual outfit to the boardroom and we’re certain you’ll wear these more than your everyday pair of black glasses! The tortoiseshell pattern has been revived in recent years, bringing back a vintage look. They’re also known as “horn-rimmed glasses” and are perfect to wear as a lighter frame without wearing too much bright colour.

Square Frame – Classic 70’s vibe

Square shaped sunglasses are the most versatile pairs to own. A simple pair will look good during lunch break at the office, but also very wearable to that beach festival or a barbeque. Square sunglasses are the perfect match for any face shape and any will suit any occasion.

Aviator Sunglasses

Bausch and Lomb developed the very first pair of Aviator sunglasses in 1936. The military-style sunglasses protected the eyes of pilots using the signature reflective lenses and replacing flight goggles.

The teardrop shape has become an iconic frame style, instilled in history during World War 2. These sunglasses have been a style statement since the 1970’s and are a great retro pair to wear on a hot summer’s day!

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