Street-style analysis at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2017

Eyewear is an important part of completing your outfit. Glasses are a way to express your personality and feel comfortable doing so. There are so many different eyewear trends circulating the fashion industry at the moment! We headed straight to Australia’s most fashionable event of the year to find out what’s trending: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

In May we were on the ground at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia at Carriageworks in Sydney. We were on the lookout for which trending styles were the favourites of Australia’s fashion industry elites. After a full week of Fashion shows, offsite runways, industry events, and a lot of celebrity-spotting, we can name the biggest trends from Fashion Week this year.

Cat-eye shaped glasses

This shape has almost never gone out of fashion since the 1950’s. Originally from classic movies such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Audrey Hepburn wore the Cat-eye style as sunglasses. This year at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, everybody loved the retro frame. The cat-eye frame created a feminine edge on a tom-boy look. The feline frame worked with the on-trend corporate feminine suit and lifted every Fashion Week outfit. The retro icon will always give a look an attitude with the strong feline shape.

No outfit was complete without the pair of perfect pair of pin-up cat-eyes, especially in the glare of the Opera House on opening night. Dion Lee showcased outdoors and off-site, an exceptional location that was purely Sydney. Guests arrived prepared for the weather. We spotted on-trend frame styles to accompany and compliment Gucci bags, Balenciaga and Topshop pieces.

A mix of high-end labels and store bought fashion truly defined Fashion week this year. Guests wore high-end accessories such as sunglasses, optical glasses, bags and shoes and paired these with clothes available in main shopping stores. The key is to style every detail with your own unique taste and flair.

My favourite cat-eye look from MBFWA this year was worn by Instagram Influencer, Mimi Elashiry. Her cat-eyes are a fun feline shape with the perfect tortoise shell pattern, taking from two very retro styles and merging them into one.

Topshops social media manager, Eloise Jaksic wore a pair of sharp cat eyes with a clear frame and purple lenses. Meanwhile GlueStore Womenswear buyer, Lisa Mandy completed her outfit with a pair of soft cat-eyed tortoise shell frames.

Day three saw Kate Waterhouse and her friend, Sophia Athas wearing cat-eye sunglasses with their looks.


Pip Edwards looked busy running from show to show with a sharp pair of slim black cat-eyes.
[Sourced image of Pip Style Snooper Dan]

Gradient lenses

This lens treatment can only get better and better! Throughout MBFWA we saw gradients from light to dark, and from one colour to another. The gradients were seen in almost every frame shape and very common among the larger lenses – maximising the gradient effect. Gradients are very popular among the clubmaster style, we manage to grab a few snaps outside the shows of these styles too!

Throughout the week we saw Klara from House Of Klara Blog wear large gradient lenses with most of her outfits. The gradient lens is perfect for being snapped by the paparazzi outside Carriageworks.

My favourite look from the week was Millie Sykess green gradients lenses. Frameless and with thin metal temples, this style of glasses take the whole look back in time. Not to mention they’re perfectly paired with the details of her jumpsuit!

Round frames

Many of the men’s street-style looks were complimented by round optical glasses, faithful to the original “coke-bottle” style. This frame is versatile for so many styles, and has always been a unisex piece! Fashion week brought us everything from thick rimmed round frames to thin metal and wire frames.

Thick rimmed round frames tend to create a corporate look, a man who knows what’s in style and what looks good. Wireframes call on the era of the 1980’s-90’s, reviving and celebrating eyewear trends that were once worn by everyone. These styles are making a welcomed comeback as a stylish, yet classic choice in the modern eyewear market.

Fashion director and designer Justin OShea wore a brown tinted pair of round lenses. We spotted him wearing them to the 10 Pieces runway held at the iconic location, Bondi Icebergs.

The twins Bec and Marissa from the blog Twice blessed also wore rounded eyewear during fashion week. One twin wore a clear gold plastic rounded optical style, while the other wore a detailed and embellished white pair with dark lenses. The twins proved that a classic pair of glasses don’t have to be boring!

Holly Titheridge of Base Colour Blog was also spotted wearing a large rounded pair of sunglasses. Her pair had dark lenses and wire temples, accompanied by delicate jewellery.


Fashion stylist Donny Galella wore a wireframe pair of clear optical aviators on opening night at Dion Lee. He wore these during day three and again later in the week with TV presenter Nikki Phillips. It’s not hard to tell that these are his favourite pair of glasses.

[Donny Galella image]

Coloured lenses

Pops of bright colour walked into Carriageworks all week. The most fashion-forward bright trend was colour-tinted lenses! Throughout the week I photographed green, yellow, pink and orange tints, all coinciding with outfits. The coloured-lens trend graced across groups of models, buyers, bloggers and fashion celebrities. They showed Australia that this is a trend to thoroughly embrace in 2017.

Mel Tan showed off her pink tinted lenses accompanied by delicate gold detailing. This Fashion Week, Mel proved that the world is truly better when seen through rose-coloured lenses! We also love Mel’s friends clubmaster glasses with gold detailing too!

Miranda from The Girl Who Lived for Clothes finished off her pink outfit with a hot pair of pink lenses to compliment the look.

Mirrored lenses

Former Miss World Australia Erin Holland wore a reflective pair of lenses. creative slices from the outer edges to work with her military inspired outfit.

Blogger Jessie Khoo from Fashion and Sounds wore a blue tinted mirrored lens to contrast her fluffy yellow Minkpink coat. These fun glasses brought the look together with blue embellished jeans. We also loved Jo Hombsch’s Kurt Cobain inspired sunglasses!

Fiona Edwards from Fifi Deluxe Blog also paired blue reflective glasses with a pair of blue wide-legged jeans. Fiona finished off the look with white shoes, bag and shirt, plus this season’s favourite winter warmer, a fluffy knit!

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