Activewear has quickly become one of the most popular trends of 2016 and 2017, we will no doubt see this relaxed tailoring stomping down the runways by Vetements, Prada and Versace SS18. We have seen celebrities wearing the sports tracksuit, hoodies and adapting trainers into their everyday wear – adding a twist to your usual workout gear. Mixing these comfortable sports items with high-end pieces or non-sports items has defined the movement. Known as “Sports Luxe” or the Athletic and Leisure combo, “Athleisure”. This style has allowed it to be completely acceptable wearing trackies outdoors in the fashion world. It’s so comfortable, we’re not complaining!

The off-duty vibe has earned its own title and become one of the leading trends for the last two years. We have seen brands pop up and embrace this trend such as Under Armour, Nike, Calvin Klein, Adidas and Lululemon – Confirming that the relaxed look is a trend to jump on now. It’s safe to say, it’s here to stay.

This comfortable trend is the easiest to adapt into our own wardrobes, you’ll already own so many pieces you can re-style! For styling Athleisure into your eyewear selections, try on pairs through our Sports collection. Withing Urban there are corporate styles, rectangular frames and bold styles in Calvin Klein, Cole Haan and Dragon. Sports Luxe is where you will find pairs perfect for an active lifestyle, the Nike and Flexon range.

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